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General ForumsLatest Post:
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L1® Family of Products
Ask questions about any of the L1® family of products, including the Classic, the Compact, the Model 1S, the Model I, the Model II, the T1® ToneMatch® audio engine, and the A1 PackLite® amplifier. Info about the L1® Model 1S here.
Re: Bose, Tekax, Yucatan, Mexico. (hector)
Technical Questions & Issues
Have a technical issue and want help from the community? Post here, or call 877/335-2673 to talk to one of our musician-technicians.
Re: melting control knobs (Drumr)
Ask Bose for Help
get helpUse this forum to request help from someone at Bose. NO COMMUNITY RESPONSES ALLOWED HERE.get help
Re: Can't figure out how to update... (Forum-Admin)
To & From The Moderators
Look here for announcements from the moderators. Share your feedback about this Message Board / Forum to the moderators.
Bose Support closing early tod... (Forum-Admin)
Touring Artists
This forum has been established to share what national and international touring artists are doing with the Bose L1 Systems. We plan to update this forum as often as possible with news from the road.
Re: Ed Robertson of the Barenaked ... (Drumr)
User Reviews / Articles / Awards
Read unedited reviews from this and other internet sites -- some critical, and some positive.
I used my L1 Compact for the f... (User Review)
L1® Bands
See a few of the bands/ensembles/groups that are using the L1 system by genre, including details of instrument breakdown and stage setup.
Re: Classic Rock/Blues and Country... (Bo777)
Illustrations of Band Setups
In this forum you'll find illustrations of actual band setups, and an easy to use tool for getting a recommended setup for your band, called The Sketcher .
Re: The Sketcher Discussion (Look ... (ST)
What Do You Think of This New Approach?
Whether you're a musician, audience member, or technician, this is the place to discuss what you think about this new approach to live music amplification.
Re: The future of our church sound... (truskool)
ToneMatch® Presets & Downloads
Download and discuss ToneMatch™ Presets and product updates.
Re: Any way to control reverb with... (ST)
At the Gig and Rehearsal
This is the place to talk about your experiences at the gig and rehearsal using the L1® system.
Re: L1 Compact - Advice appreciate... (Carmina)
Solo Acts
Here's a place to share and discuss your experiences and ideas regarding the unique challenges faced by solo performers.
Re: Some advice on Stage Traxx ple... (Spigspog)
Find out more about how the L1 approach works with bands, groups, and others musical ensembles.
Variety of Venues (gregjaz)
See and Hear it Live!
This is a forum for posting announcements to shows that feature the L1® system.
Re: Dripping Springs Songwriter Fe... (Mark-at-Bose)
Instrument ForumsLatest Post:
 ForumTopicsPostsLast Topic
Vocalists talk about microphones, effects, and presets (among other things) here.
Re: vocal range (c-hizer)
Guitars and Other Strings
Acoustic guitars, electric guitars, mandolins, violins, banjos, etc. are the topic here.
Re: Kemper Profiling Amp (Seagullman)
Bass Guitar
Electric bass, upright bass, and other things with strings that go low are the topic here.
Re: Double Bass amp - anyone else ... (Bass Mayhem)
Keys are the topic for this forum. Going direct? Using a mic on a baby grand? Share your experiences here.
Re: The Monitor Problem (c-hizer)
Drums and Percussion
This forum is for percussive instruments.
Re: vDrums and B2 (lake_guy)
Wind Instruments
This is the place for wind players to learn more and share information.
Re: Touring Artists (Forum-Admin)
Other Instruments
Accordian, Bagpipes, Harp (both kinds), Vibes, you name it. This is the forum for all other instruments.
Re: Model 1S or Model II with B2 (gmayell)
ToneMatch Partners
Read about our work with manufacturers like Line 6, Taylor guitars, Ned Steinberger and others to create special ToneMatch® presets for the L1® family of products.
Re: T1 presets for LR Baggs Anthem (Seagullman)
DJs & KJsLatest Post:
 ForumTopicsPostsLast Topic
Just for DJ's & KJs
Many DJs and KJs are using L1® systems. Hear what they have to say in this popular forum.
Re: Question how sample rate 44100... (DJ XL)
For EuropeansLatest Post:
 ForumTopicsPostsLast Topic
European Discussion Area and Dealer Locator
If you live/work in Europe, and you want the latest information about activities in Europe, or would like to locate a dealer in your region, this is the place
Re: 30 day money back guarantee? (Apollo Audio & Stage Services Bielefeld)
Nur auf Deutsch
For the German speaking community.
Re: L1C nach 3 Monaten schon defek... (Apollo Audio & Stage Services Bielefeld)
Seulement en Français
For the French speaking community.
ipod sur L1 compact (will60290)
Solamente in Italiano
For the Italian speaking community.
Re: L1 MOD. 1 saltato (e riparato) (ummagumma)
Solo en Espanol
Para Espanolos
ayuda, Manual L1 Model II en e... (juliopi)
Community Events
This forum is for planning and sharing details about Owners Conferences and Get-Togethers.
Latest Post:
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Owner Networks
This is a forum for enabling owners of the L1® system to connect with one another to borrow gear, gig with one another and start new bands.
Re: Blizzards in North America (ST)
2008 Spring South Atlantic States Conference
2008 Spring South Atlantic States Conference
wiki planning page for details.
Re: Touring Artists (Forum-Admin)
2007 Fall Rocky Mountain Conference
2007 Rocky Mountain Conference wiki planning page for details.
Re: Video: Tom Munch Presentation (ST)
2007 Midwest L1™ Enthusiasts
Midwest USA jam wiki planning page
Re: Touring Artists (Forum-Admin)
2006 Fall East Coast L1® Musicians Conference
On behalf of the community of L1 Cylindrical Radiator loudspeaker owners, and the Bose Live Music Technology Group, you are invited to the second ever L1 Owners Conference, to be held October 29-31, 2006.
Re: Touring Artists (Forum-Admin)
2006 Spring Big Sur L1™ Musicians Conference
The Big Sur Bose Bash The FIRST
Re: Hello from Joseph (Joseph)
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