Digitech VL4
i love it.
But i get a truckload of feedback when i hit the EFFECTS footswitch.
Does anyone mnow how to solve this problem?
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Hi dm,

Take time to run through and write down the programmed setting of the effects in use on the harmonies you choose that cause feedback. Spend some time editing those settings to reduce the feedback. You can always reload the factory settings if things get totally out of wack.

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there are 2 versions of the factory setup I believe... so you can use one for editing, and leave the other as a good reference. I usually use the effects on as my default, and have spent the time setting up my vocal sound.. and dial in the L1 around that. You may not need to change much if you dial in with the effect on to begin with.. it could be as simple as adjusting the vocal level. The other important thing is to remove any effects on the T1 channel you are using.. as you probably don't want 2 different reverbs, or delays etc... running at the same time. That could be the quick fix too. Good Luck.
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Do you do your gain staging with the effects engaged or disengaged?

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I always do my gain staging as I will be playing which means with the effects engaged. When I disengage them I never worry about feedback anyway so setting the gain with them on gives me a no feedback starting point. I have noted that the VL4 reverb will cause feedback so backing that off can also help.Angel On Guitar
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